Back in the March 2020, we all witnessed a new world which brings us to the front seat to so many unknown phases with the courage to cope with pretty much everything. The year was a year of documented series. Death, unemployment, food crisis, suicides, financial crisis, gadget addiction, toxicity, alcohol and what not, we had been offered with perpetual uncertainty. You might be embarrassed by the name of the title of this blog but believe me at the end of this blog you might start believing in ‘Pain is Good’.

Long back I read a book of Neurologist and Psychiatrist Viktor Frankl and it made me to realise so many interesting aspects of my life. Author Viktor Frankl was an Austrian Holocaust survivor and he developed the theory of ‘Logotherapy’. And the concept of Logotherapy is based on the primary motivational force of an individual is to find the meaning of life which I found quite fascinating. Life found it’s meaning under any circumstances and best lessons comes through worst situations. So finding the meaning of life is the primary motivation for our lives. Logotherapy talks about this meaning of life where it is said that we have our own freedom to find meaning in what we do, what we experience or at least in the stance when we face pain.

Life is not a game of dissatisfaction and unhappiness. Your might spend your nights thinking others success, happiness or achievements while disregarding and disrespecting yourself but we never think about the path which she/he went through to reach there. Nothing comes in a delicious sealed cookie jar. What you are doing now, is going to be an experience in just a second. So act religiously because this is the blossom of your productive thoughts, suffering, joy and reluctance. Circumstances do not embrace the whole life of a person but it is so comprehensive as to reach out to every condition of his life because you are what you thinks about yourself.

You can’t be happy all the time when you judge yourself in the parameters of others. You are special and your pain is the biggest teacher of your life. Behave with it by all your positivity. Use your pain as your opportunity so that tomorrow you can cherish your success. Your physical pain can gradually be healed and you will be in an amazing healthy tomorrow. But if you don’t deal with your mental pain today, you will be a lifetime sufferer. Love your pain today and life will love you tomorrow. The harder we cling towards the lessons from our pain the stronger, our future would have more smooth and even path to walk.


Photographs courtesy: Swarnendu Ghosh
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