We all come through with the phase when we have faced toxic people and they literally ruin our day or sometimes even few weeks. Then gradually it heal the wound and we move on. Couple of years back these really annoyed me and it demotivated me a lot. But spending quite a time with reading so many books, enormous articles and some great habits, I finally overcame the whole process of keeping distance from toxic people. My today’s blog is all about this. Let’s read how you can deal with toxic people:

1.Ignore & limit your conversation – Ignorance is the best medicine for so many hard diseases 🙂 . Sometimes all you need to do is ignore or simply limit your conversation with toxic people. There are so many people whom you can’t let them understand how to stay positive and finally to some extent you just give it up. For these type of cases, all you need to do is ignore them and move on.

2. Establish boundaries – Establish an invisible boundary of positivity around you which nobody can actually cross. All we need is just to keep our mind calm. It will automatically eliminate toxic people from your life. It let them understand how unimportant they are in our lives. 😉


3. Be grateful – Always stay grateful for whatever you have in your life. Always think yourself as a privileged person rather than complaining about what you don’t have. Pay attention to the simple things in your life.

4. Expand your knowledge – The best way to eliminate all the negativity from your life. Expand your knowledge and for this, your best companion would be books. Read and grow within yourself. The more you read, the more you grow.

5. Strengthen your affirmations – The last mostly important way to stay way from toxic people is by strengthening your affirmations. At the end of the day what actually matters is your own way of spending your life and by strengthening your affirmations you actually uplifting your growth of life. Staying positive gradually helps to strengthen your affirmations.

These steps have true power to improve the way of thinking your life and your approach towards your life by eliminating toxic people from your life.

Photographs courtesy: Swarnendu Ghosh
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