Being motivated all the time is not an easy job. We can’t stay motivated throughout our lives. We are human beings and we have numerous challenges in our lives. Some we passed and some we failed, but every challenge teaches us so many new things. Also, we learn a lot from this entire process. Let’s talk about the failures and motivations which come along.
In today’s blog I’m going to share how to get motivation from failures.

Distract for some time – Whenever you face failure, give some time to yourself and distract yourself from doing it further. Indulge yourself in some interesting thing or in something which you are passionate about. Read books, take photographs, listen to music, paint or something else. Stop overthinking about the same point again and again. It will gradually help you to calm down and heal. Just start preparing yourself for future plans.

Start planning your next journey – This is the high time to start planning your next journey. You have the experience of your last failure and you have to take it as lessons to make your future path smooth. Let’s not think about the failure, think about what you learnt.

Find true inspirations – Failures can be true inspiration for you. If not, then read stories of true inspirations and their stories. This will help you to understand what they have gone through to achieve today’s success. Read books, articles and stories of successful people.

Remember your mistakes – It’s your time to start freshly and you have the experience of your past. Think before starting something new. Jot down the mistakes that you made last time so that you won’t repeat those again. It can be so simple, but don’t ignore it. These will help you a lot.

Visualise the frame – For your next plan, start visualising the work frame from the very initial stage. This is a kind of your homework before starting a new venture. It will not only help you to know you have a clear picture of your work, but also to maintain a plan. It’s much easier to implement your strategies when you have a clear frame of work.

Research before investing time – Your last failure might have taught this already but I just want to remind you once more. Research your work before investing time on your next plan. When you don’t have proper research, always remember you are wasting your time. Proper research on your upcoming plan is the utmost important.

Stay happy. Stay motivated and never think your failure is the end. It’s just the beginning. 🙂



Photographs courtesy: Swarnendu Ghosh
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